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What do Osteopaths treat?

Osteopathy is best known to help patients suffering from:


  • General, Acute and Chronic Back pain, Sciatica, Neck pain, Lumbago...

  • Headaches and migraines prevention

  • Peripheral joint disorders (Shoulders, elbow, wrist, pelvis, hip, knee, ankles, etc...)

  • circulatory problems

  • arthritic pain, Jaw pain


Occupational injuries: poor posture can contribute to daily aches and pains whether you lift heavy loads or sit at the PC incorrectly.


Elderly arthritis sufferer: Treatment is aimed at improving mobility and reducing inflammation by using gentle manual techniques on joints, muscles and ligaments.


Osteopathy is not a cure-all and there are situations when surgery may be necessary. Most people think that back pain must be the result of injury but there are many disease states and pathological conditions that can give symptoms of backache. Osteopaths are skilled in diagnosing problems that may require further investigation or medical treatment.


Pregnancy is a time when women are more aware of the workings of their body.


For many years osteopaths have used their skills to help relieve the aches and pains caused by weight and posture changes during and after pregnancy.


Osteopaths can also help to ease the side effects of pregnancy such as heartburn, indigestion, constipation, back pain and possible associated buttock, groin pain or leg pain (sciatica). Neck and shoulder pain, wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome), pelvis pain pre or postnatal.


After delivery it is advised that mother and baby return for structural examination, advice and check ups and if necessary for treatment.

and babies

The small amounts of movement that exist in the infant skull permit the baby’s head to adapt to the forces of labor. However when birth is complicated by being unduly slow or fast, or when other complications occur such as the need to use forceps for delivery, the infant head may not fully recover from the distortion. 

The gentle skilful application of osteopathic treatment by an osteopath experienced in treating babies can often bring significant improvement in cases like:


  • Inability to relax

  • Digestion problems

  • cramps

  • muscles spasms

  • Positional discomfort


and Children

As children grow older, problems can become apparent which may have arisen because of earlier strains or as a result of trauma such as knocks on the head or falls.


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